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The Next Generation
of Social Vaping

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Reinventing Tradition

Just like the smartphone that reinvented the mobile telephone, the eHookah reinvents the 400 year-old traditional hookah that we know and love. An eHookah is a fully electronic hookah that utilizes an evolutionary method of creating 'smoke' instead of combustible tobacco that is normally used in traditional hookahs.

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The bane of every traditional hookah: accidently knocking over your hookah and spilling burning coal on your expensive furniture or floors. We've removed the chance of that ever happening again. Without having to replace coals, you now can continue the party all night long because of the RMX's fully electronic heating system.


Unless you're a shisha master, you don't want to get your hands messy dealing with sticky shisha tobacco. Now you don't have to, grab a bottle of your favorite eLiquid, fill up a tank and place it inside the RMX and you're back spending the good times with your friends.


While setting up a traditional hookah takes some skill, effort, and time, we made it a whole lot easier and quicker. Simply fill an empty tank, place it inside the RMX and you're good to go in less than 5 minutes.


Even though your body is made up to 60% of water, you sometimes might find yourself without a water source to fill your hookah. The RMX eHookah operates waterless so you can use it anywhere, anytime.

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23" (58.4cm)

8" (20.3cm)


Dry Hit Protection

Even though sometimes you may not be paying attention to your hookah, the RMX eHookah will always look out for you. When you start a hookah session with the RMX eHookah, you can reset each tank's selection button to remind you to check eLiquid levels to prevent you from hitting a dry coil.


Whether you're in the club, your house, or a party, the RMX eHookah is lightweight but durable enough to be brought into any environment. Bring the RMX eHookah anywhere your adventures bring you.

Usage Length

Like the traditional hookah cousins, they need coals as their power source but when using their electronic hookah cousins, they run using batteries that last over 8 hours.


  • RMX Tank
  •  1.5mL capacity
  •  Stainless steel
  • RMX Atomizer
  •  BVC single, verticle coil
  •  Organic cotton
  •  Kanthal build
  •  1.0 Ω coil
  • RMX eHookah
  •  Can use 2 hoses; each with their own 3 flavor selection buttons
  •  Custom 4×18650 battery pack with polarity protection; 2500mAh, 25A ea.
  •  AC/DC Charging options
  •  Dimensions: 8" (20.3c) × 23" (58.4cm)

RGB Lighting

The RMX eHookah wouldn't be what it was if you couldn't remix the colors too. So that's what we included, 8 different colored themes to set the mood of your venue.

red-hookah orange-hookah yellow-hookah green-hookah cyan-hookah blue-hookah magenta-hookah pink-hookah

Flavor Mixing

NGENSMOKE NGENSMOKE Red's Alternative Red's Alternative

NGEN SMOKE has partnered with Red's Alternative to bring you an exclusive, premier eHookah service for all your events, nightclubs, and venues by creating a unique adventure that leaves customers wanting to come back for more. Through our elite catering service, your guests will enjoy the amazing social and modern experience of the RMX eHookah with tons of flavors to explore. Currently servicing the five unique boros of New York City, we aim to provide unrivaled customer satisfaction and a night you'll never forget.